Ramstal- it is metal work production company. We are totally committed to providing quality metal products and customer satisfaction. From conception to completion we endeavour to ensure your project is dealt with smoothly and efficiently, consistently delivering our metal products within the required time scale.

Powder coating

We will use our knowledge and expertise to ensure that the materials used on your job will meet the demands to be placed upon it. This is a guarantee both of the long term durability and of the quality of your product. We can powdercoat metal parts up to 8mx2,1×1,2 m.

Sand blasting / Cleaning

We specialize in surface preparation and cleaning services, which include blast cleaning, sand blasting, pressure washing, chemical cleaning. Always all surfaces are cheerfully cleaned before any paint is apply.

Cutting and bending

Cutting and bending metal sheets is a common and vital process of our production. Creating a change in parts geaometry help us to create various fabrications. We are able cut and bend metal sheet up to 3meters and up to 12mm thickness

Drilling, milling, turning

In addition to innovative technology, our drilling, milling and turning products offer a full range of standard and custom solutions, using CNC drilling machines our company is well advanced.


Hot dip galvanizasion is perfect surface protection   against corrosion. Galvanizing with norm PN – EN ISO 1461 we garentee all our product are free rust protection for 50 years .


Laser cutting